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  • Structural characterization and anti-inflammatory activities of novel polysaccharides obtained from Pleurotus eryngii 

    Wan, Han; Ma, Sai; Mariga, Alfred Mugambi; Hu, Qiuhui; Xu, Qian; Su, Anxiang; Ma, Ning (Food Science and Human Wellness, 2023-11-03)
    Natural polysaccharides named PEP-0.1-1, PEP-0-1 and PEP-0-2 from edible mushroom species Pleurotus eryngii were obtained in the present study. Results showed that molecular weights of these polysaccharides were 3235 kDa, ...
  • Meru University of Science and Technology Souvenir Magazine 

    Meru University of Science and Technology (Meru university, 2023-10)
    The idea of establishing a University dates back many years to the early 1960s when the Njuri Ncheke (Council of elders of the Meru people) conceived an idea of establishing an institution of higher education in Meru. It ...
  • Meru University of Science & Technology Alumni Association Magazine 

    Meru University of Science and Technology (Meru University, 2023-10)
    Meru University of Science & Technology Alumni Association (MUSTAA) appreciates and stands with Meru University of Science & Technology during this auspicious occasion of her 11th graduation ceremony for the conferment ...
  • Charting career paths for PhD graduates beyond academia 

    Odhiambo, Joab (Business Daily, 2023-10-24)
    What do I do after earning my PhD? Many PhD holders still struggle with this question after spending many years in Kenyan universities. The culmination of a PhD odyssey represents not a termination but a gateway to an array ...
  • Pricing of European call options using generalized Wishart processes 

    Odhiambo, Joab (Mathematics and Systems Science, 2023)
    This study explores a multiple-security, high-risk pricing model where the implied volatility has been portrayed through Generalized Wishart affine processes. The presence of dual dependency matrices distinctively characterizes ...

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