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dc.contributor.authorMukunya, C. Mwelu
dc.identifier.citationA research project submitted for the award of degree in computer technology at Meru University of Science and Technology.en_US
dc.description.abstractMaintaining adequate supplies of anti-malaria medicines at the health facility level in Meru County is a major barrier to effective management of the disease. Lack of visibility of anti-malarial stock Level at the health facility level are an important contributor to this problem. The said Rollback Malaria Initiative (RBM) is both a web application and sms based that is used to manage adequate supplies of anti-malaria medicines in all healthy facilities within Meru county as long as registration is made. This will assist in the treatment, prevention and if possible elimination of malaria in Meru County. The web application is used to capture stock counts from the sms management tool. It requires authentication for one to access the information. Other functions include providing current and historical data on malaria medicine stocks,mapping technologies to the various medical facilities, maintaining surveillance which will be used to produce reports and providing the sms statistics like received messages. The sms management tool is used to store one number of one healthcare worker from each facility. Also stock out request is sent through it. The said system will also allow sharing of information between medical officers through a group account. The expectation of this system is to reduce malaria at a high percentage or eliminate it completely.en_US
dc.publisherMeru University of Science and Technologyen_US
dc.titleWEBBSAD/Sms Apps Rollback Malaria: Initiative in Meru County.en_US

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