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dc.contributor.authorMualuko, Purity Ndanu
dc.identifier.citationA research project submitted for the award of degree in computer technology at Meru University of Science and Technology.en_US
dc.description.abstractMCourier is a proposed mobile application that will help expand the working boundaries of DHL courier services provider.DHL is a company that deals with delivery of goods and parcels on an international level. There is no better way to expand their work locally than with the implementation of the MCourier application. The system will enable DHL identify location in which to go pick a cargo of agricultural produce, its quantity and where it needs to be taken. In this proposal i have thus outlined how it will help farmers earn more due to reduced cost in transportation and help DHL maximize their revenue.en_US
dc.publisherMeru University of Science and Technologyen_US
dc.titleMCourier Systemen_US

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