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    • Visibility Graphlet Approach to Chaotic Time Series 

      Mutua, Stephen; Changgui, Gu; Huijie, Yang (AIP Publishing LLC, 2016)
      Many novel methods have been proposed for mapping time series into complex networks. Although some dynamical behaviors can be effectively captured by existing approaches, the preservation and tracking of the temporal ...
    • A vulnerability model for wireless local area networks in an insecure wardriving setting 

      Kirongo, Amos (KCA UNIVERSITY, 2017)
      Wireless local area networks (WLAN) enable access to computing resources for devices that are not physically connected to a network infrastructure. WLANs usually function in a restricted geographical location ...
    • Web based systems security review and trends 

      Mwiti, Jackson (Meru University of Science and Technology, 2022-06)
      Security of any web application is paramount because any breach to this can result to major consequences. Many developers have given web security an afterthought which has made it possible for the attackers to target these ...