Recent Submissions

  • A numerical investigation of the effect of curvature and Reynolds number to radial velocity in a curved porous pipe 

    Mwangi, Daniel Mathaia; Karanja, Stephen; Kimathi, Mark (International Journal of Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 2017)
    Different irrigation methods are being used in agriculture. However, due to scarcity of water, irrigation methods that use water efficiently are needed. The motivation of this study is the increasing use of porous pipes ...
  • Modeling Open Channel Fluid Flow with Trapezoidal Cross Section and a Segment Base 

    Marangu, Philip Karobia.; Mwenda, Eustace Kirima; Theuri, DM (Journal of Applied & Computational Mathematics, 2016)
    This study investigates the suitability of trapezoidal cross-section with segment base in drainage system design. The study has considered steady uniform open channel flow. The saint-Venant partial differential equations ...
  • Classical construction of angles in general 

    Kimuya, Alex M. (International Journal of Mathematical Archive, 2016)
    The construction of angles in general is a classical problem in mathematics. The early mathematicians failed to redress the problem under the stated restrictions because they did not have a bearing ...