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    • Integrated QOS management technique for internet protocol storage area networks 

      Kithinji, Joseph (Meru University of Science and Technology, 2022)
      The increasing number of Information technology Users around the world has led to tremendous increase in the amount of data that requires storage. In response to this challenge, new storage area network architectures ...
    • A finite state transducer for morphological segmentation of Swahili verbs 

      Muthee, George Mutwiri (Meru University of Science and Technology, 2023)
      Morphological segmentation is a subtask of natural language processing (NLP) that specializes in identifying the constituent morphemes of words in a language. As a subtask of morphological analysis, morphological segmentation ...
    • Internet of Things based model for hydropower monitoring 

      Mutwiri, Lisper Kendi (Meru University of Science and Technology, 2023)
      In the energy sector, hydropower energy is very significant as it contributes to being a major source of renewable energy. Therefore, knowledge about hydropower energy and its existing challenges has led to an emerging ...