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    • Actuaries can play a huge role in solving our economic woes 

      Odhiambo, Joab (Business Daily, 2024-01-25)
      Many governments in developed countries have embraced actuaries' skill sets in solving complex economic systems, such as fuel and dollar problems experienced in Kenya today. The Government Actuary Department (GAD) within ...
    • Charting career paths for PhD graduates beyond academia 

      Odhiambo, Joab (Business Daily, 2023-10-24)
      What do I do after earning my PhD? Many PhD holders still struggle with this question after spending many years in Kenyan universities. The culmination of a PhD odyssey represents not a termination but a gateway to an array ...
    • Chuo kikuu cha Meru chavumbua mradi wanabadilisha kinyesi na kuwa mbolea 

      Riungu, Joy (KTN News Kenya, 2023-09-02)
      Chuo kikuu cha Meru chavumbua mradi wanabadilisha kinyesi na kuwa mbolea
    • Economic landscape in post-final Eurobond debt payment shocks 

      Odhiambo, Joab Onyango (Business Daily, 2024-01-03)
      Expect tough economic adjustments as the government prepares to pay $ 2 billion in final interest and principal for the 2014 Eurobond. The impact of the transaction on operations will be immense, what with several fiscal ...
    • How AI has transformed exam cheating in universities 

      Odhiambo, Joab Onyango (Business Daily, 2024-03-20)
      Cheating in Kenyan universities has taken a new twist with the introduction of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as ChatGPT. No student today will be too foolish to use Mwakenya (handwritten short notes) to cheat ...
    • How AI will transform electoral malpractices 

      Odhiambo, Joab Onyango (Nation Media Group, 2024-03-22)
      The Kenyan electoral process has always been marked with drama, resulting from celebrations and petitions due to allegations of rigging and voter bribery among many more issues. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already ...
    • How borrowers can survive higher interest rate cycles 

      Odhiambo, Joab (Business Daily, 2023-08-11)
      The ever-changing interest rates slapped on credit by banks due to changes in the central bank reference rate set by the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), continue to worry many Kenyans. The committee reviews the Central ...
    • How Kenya can counter global oil price volatility 

      Odhiambo, Joab (Business Daily, 2023-08-02)
      Kenya is grappling with substantial exposure to oil price volatility in what has seen its efforts to deal with price fluctuations challenging and expensive. Conventional methods, such as stabilisation funds, have revealed ...
    • How Kenya can harness AI power to curb road carnage 

      Odhiambo, Joab Onyango (Business Daily, 2024-03-25)
      The horrific road crash that claimed the lives of 11 Kenyatta University students in the Maungu area near Voi town last week, has brought many questions as to how we can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to save ...
    • How to bridge wide PhD gap among women 

      Odhiambo, Joab (Nation Media Group, 2023-10-13)
      PhD completion rates among women in Kenya have been declining. Commission for University Education (CUE) data show women are three times more likely to quit their PhD studies compared to the men. The figure is even lower ...
    • How to end endemic fake papers vice in Kenya 

      Odhiambo, Joab (Business Daily, 2024-03-01)
      Verification of academic and professional papers needs to be simplified. For example, the government could implement policies requiring every university in Kenya to publish an annual list of graduates on their websites ...
    • How to increase uptake of research by Kenyan universities in public policy 

      Odhiambo, Joab (Business Daily, 2023-10-04)
      Every year, Kenyan universities conduct research that ends up on the shelves and repositories without impacting Kenyans' lives. I know many academic researchers who do excellent work that has never been implemented in the ...
    • Make Open University of Kenya accessible to all citizens in 2024 

      Odhiambo, Joab Onyango (Business Daily, 2024-01-12)
      As we celebrate the end of 2023, one of my wish lists for the government in 2024 is making the Open University of Kenya accessible to many disadvantaged Kenyans thirsty for education. An open university is an institution ...
    • Meru University unveils innovative waste-to-poultry-feed system 

      Riungu, Joy (KTN News Kenya, 2023-09-02)
      Meru University unveils innovative waste-to-poultry-feed system
    • Need for policy reforms in varsity funding model 

      Odhiambo, Joab (Nation Media Group, 2023-07-25)
      The new funding model marks a significant step towards educational equality, fostering pool fair resource allocation and emphasizing students’ unique needs
    • New CBK rate ripple effects to hand households a forgettable Christmas 

      Odhiambo, Joab (Business Daily, 2023-12-22)
      The recent hike of base lending rate by the Central Bank of Kenya through the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) from 10.5 percent to 12.50 percent will have far-reaching implications, especially for everyday Kenyan citizens, ...
    • New varsity model will push students to cheaper courses 

      Odhiambo, Joab (Business Daily, 2023-08-25)
      While I agree that we need to change to the new university funding model, we must be prepared to deal with some of the new realities coming up with its implementation. I recently noticed something strange when students ...
    • Reform fuel subsidies to cushion them from politics, achieve goals 

      Odhiambo, Joab (Business Daily, 2023-08-25)
      In a free-market system like Kenya, the forces of supply and demand ought to determine fuel prices. But fuel has been a political tool in the country, often used to woo voters during elections. Last year, for example, ...
    • Reform varsity research policies 

      Odhiambo, Joab (Nation Media Group, 2023-08-31)
      In this Artificial Intelligence (AI) era, applications like ChatGPT,SciSpace are becoming increasingly common in universities for research by students. These applications have an extraordinary range of capabilities, from ...
    • Short-time measures in taming fuel prices for the Kenyan consumer 

      Odhiambo, Joab (Business Daily, 2023-09-20)
      The cry among Kenyans over soaring fuel prices will continue getting louder unless urgent measures are taken to ease the burden on the consumer. While I empathise with them, the truth is that the global supply chain of ...